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I am a Director of Photography shooting high profile award winning History, Archeology, Science and Arts films and landmark Observational documentary series.

I have worked both in the UK and internationally organising and collaborating with local lighting gaffers, camera operators and grip teams.

My experience as a DOP is wide ranging - from cinéma vérité and observational, to leading large scale multi-camera shoots involving full symphony orchestras and 80 piece choirs. Recently I have trained and become licensed in drone work to augment the skills I can bring to the production.

I can work well independently and accommodate local conditions to editorialise illustrative footage


I have experience in Covid conscious filming techniques to protect contributors from risk and set their minds at ease. 

Film-making is my passion. I enjoy variety and am keen to to continue working across the full gamut of filming - from observational films to high production value documentaries to ambitious large scale lighting productions.


Richard Brock

TV Producer

Vaughan is an excellent DOP, with an eye for detail and a determination to get everything absolutely right: he made our set up interviews look fantastic. He is a tireless worker who will go the extra mile to get the shot. He has a good sense of humour, someone who is good to work with. I heartily recommend him.


John Bridcut

Owner / Director Crux Productions

Vaughan is a first-rate DOP, inventive and imaginative, and a great companion. He shot two of my BBC Four documentaries, about Elgar and about Rostropovich, which look really fabulous. I've been lucky to work with him.


David Wilson

Freelance Series Producer / Director

Vaughan is a wonderful, creative and resourceful DOP. He has lit/shot countless films for me, including many of my absolute favourites. Great times in Ethiopia, South Africa, Greece, Northumberland, you name it. 


Luke Duffield

Sound and Media Producer spiderJAR Ltd

Vaughan is a great guy to work with and his talent behind the camera is exceptional.


Owner of 2 Sony Fx6s, Sony Alpha1 8K,

Sony G master AF set, Vintage Minolta MD primes, Tilt/Shift and

Macro lens, 600mm lens. Streaming camera output for remote direction.  

Kino DivaLED, Dedolights, LED panel lighting. DJI Ronin RS gimbal, Microdolly, DJI Mavic 2 Pro and P4 drone - GVC and insured

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