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Section of Debussy Arabesque # 1 played by Lydia Matthews

Photographed, Directed, Edited and Recorded this for

lighting showreel August 23

3 minute reel featuring a cross section of my work

This is my reel of selected drone work over the past 3 years. Music by Hotgothic

This is a short highlight reel of my drone work on “Summer on the Farm: an extraordinary year”  for ITV. I have fortified the cut with a few extra of my drone shots from the 1 day filming session in September 2020  I was delighted to find on transmission that I had the first and last shot of the film and also the first flying piece to camera I have done.

Producer: Page Shepherd , Wonderhood Studios

Drain the Oceans - "Ultimate Battleships"

Highlights from National Geographic original series. I was DOP and drone pilot on this film. CGI and archive left in for context.

Director Alex West, Producer Jan Euden

Exec: Crispin Sadler, Mallinson Sadler

Sly Persuaders "Control". I was DOP and co editor for this music video for London based band Sly Persuaders


Directed by Stacy Picard.

These are excerpts from John Bridcut's film "Requiem". I was DOP on the performance segments which I have collated here.

Excerpts from C4 Dispatches film "How Green is the Government"

Travelling the length and breadth of the UK by the greenest means available with a 3 man team we put together this state of the nation green energy report which surprises and informs. I shot all footage apart from the Boris soundbite

Director: Callum McCrae Outsider Television Productions C4

September 2018 was the Prince of Wales 70th birthday. Producer John Bridcut brought me in to shoot behind the scenes footage at Buckingham Palace and an interview with Princes William and Harry about their father.

Producer: John Bridcut Crux Productions for BBC

I was devastated to lose my long time friend and collaborator Director, Artist and Creator, Fred Baker last year. I put together a short film to commemorate his life. Working with Fred produced some of the favourite work of my career so far.

HOTGOTHIC "I'm Still Yours". I was DOP, co-editor and co-director with Stacy Picard of HOTGOTHIC

3 minute reel featuring a cross section of my work

"Trumpcard" by Hotgothic

I recently collaborated with Stacy Picard, Hotgothic's singer/songwriter to co-direct and produce this video promo.  I did the lighting, operated and created the in-camera effects.

Olympic sculptor Ben Dearnley and director Shelley Wiliiams combine to create 'Fragments of Time' a work based on Ben's 'Avenue of Champions' series of sculptures to be exhibited at Salisbury Cathedral from the 23rd June 2012.

Rostropovich: The Genius of the Cello” 

Rostropovich was undoubtedly one of the greatest cello players of all time inspiring many composers including Britten and Shostakovich to write music for him that took the cello to new heights as a solo instrument. 

Producer/Director: John Bridcut,  Crux Pictures  ITN

In this ModernTimes for BBC2 Warwick Davis sets up his own talent agency for little people. I shot only on the performance night from stage right. Directed by Ursula Macfarlane

Marking Orson Welles’ centenary, on May 6 2015, this short film documenting a cinematic experiment that used St John’s famous Bridge of Sighs as its canvas. The film shows the screening of a unique mapping film celebrating Welles' most famous character, Harry Lime, of "The Third Man" fame.

Dir: Dr Frederick Baker

This excerpt is from a BBC4 film looking at the wonder of books. It includes groundbreaking access to the British Library where I filmed the Codex Sinaticus, the oldest edition of the New Testament.

 Dir Micheal Waterhouse BBC.

Is the heart just a pump? Some recipients of transplants seem to exhibit echoes of their donors. I was DOP on this. Much of this is shot with my own in-camera colour treatment. Also includes about 10 thousand digital photos used as an stop frame effect. And super 8 both archive and specially shot.

Dir Jo Schofield C4.

BBC Economics Editor Stephanie Flanders walks us through the ideas of 3 giants of the “science” of economics. This episode deals with Hayek free market advocate and one of Margaret Thatcher's main economic inspirations. Dir Tristan Quinn  BBC.

This is a 5 minute edit of Horizon, "Human V2.0" which describes the human beings conergence with machines.

Director: James Van der Pool BBC

Part one of a two part series for BBC4, presented by Dr Michael Scott of Darwin College, Cambridge. Shot in Athens, Sparta, Macedon and the UK, the film explores the intense debate about luxury which went on throughout the classical period, and which has many echoes in our own time. Dir David Wilson .

Presented by Michael Scott, this film follows the terrific career of Delphi in the ancient world, as a religious and cultural centre and perhaps the most spectacular political icon in classical history.

Dir David Wilson.BBC4.

History of the bible - all the arguments and controversies that went into the the making of the biggest bestseller on earth. Is it the Word of God? Well, that depends on what you mean.

 Directors David Wilson Polly Morland for Channel 4.

Ep 7 of Channel 4's Christianity- A History, shot in Ghana, Mexico, Ethiopia and the UK

Dir David Wilson.

I was DOP on this Pulse Films production for NatGeo. We shot on Sony EX3 with a Letus extreme adaptor. Lenses were 2 sigma f2.8 zooms and some Zuiko primes. The film is about debtors prisons in the 1700s in London. Director: David Wilson

This reel is work from earlier part of my career and originated on 16mm, Digibeta and HDCAM. It spans a wide number of genres, from Documentary to short-form drama and pop promos.

Ep 1 of BBC series on the history of Sub-Saharan Africa. Presented by Gus Casely-Hayford. Could the legend that the Queen of Sheba founded Ethiopia be true? Intriguing archaeology.

Dir David Wilson BBC.

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