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Vaughan Matthews Director of Photography



“Red Sea trade” Vision 2030 Archeology 2022

I was DOP for this film that tracks the jealously guarded trades route through the Red Sea from India, looking at the people of the Saudi peninsula, the Romans and the Egyptians.

Director: Michael Waterhouse  Exec Charlie Smith OR Media UK

“The Soul of Arabia” Vision 2030 Archeology 2022

I was DOP for this film that examines the political and theological power struggle of the people of the Saudi peninsula, including their interaction with the early Christians of the Aksumite empire, and even a Jewish kingdom.We track these events and travels through rock art and graffiti scattered along the trade and communication routes.

Director: Michael Waterhouse  Exec Charlie Smith OR Media UK

"The Beginning of Bedouin” Vision 2030 Archeology 2022

I was DOP for this film that studies the Bedouin culture through their poetry, archeolology and astonishing way of life through the ages.We also collected many resources, including LIDAR and VR images and photogrammetry for the CGI section of all these Vision 2030 films.

Director: David Wilson Exec Charlie Smith OR Media UK


"Sacred Water” Vision 2030 Archeology 2022

I was DOP for this film that studies relationship in the desert people with water: in their lives, philosophy and iconography. We gathered CGI resources alongside the principal photography.

Director: David Wilson Exec Charlie Smith OR Media UK

How Green is the Government” DispatchesTx C4 December 2021 UK

Travelling the length and breadth of the UK by the greenest means available with a 3 man team we put together this state of the nation green energy report which surprises and informs. I was DOP and flew the drone shots. 

Director: Callum McCrae , Producer: Mark Williams Outsider Television Productions

“Summer on the Farm: an extraordinary year” Tx ITV. October 2020 UK

I flew drone shots from the final filming session in September 2020  I was delighted to find on transmission that I had the first and last shot of the film, the title shot and also the first flying piece to camera I have done.

Producer: Page Shepherd , Exec: Rebecca Templar Wonderhood Studios

Filmproduktion with Anita Lasker Wallfisch

I filmed this astonishing set of lectures with Anita Lasker Wallfisch, renowned cello player, singer and former Jewish prisoner in Auschwitz who saved herself by playing for the Nazi military commanders. Filmed under lockdown conditions. I also edited the piece in 4K.


Director:Paul Paragon, Producer: Manuela Reichert at Philharmonie Salzburg 

"Positive" Sky Documentaries

A poignant look into Britain's 40 year struggle with HIV and AIDS, told through the stories some of the earliest HIV patients , health care workers and activists.

Producer :Grace Chapman


Drain the Oceans, "Killer U-Boats" Tx National Geographic July 2019 UK

Marine archaeologists and historians go in search of Hitler's secrets, hidden deep underwater, revealing how the Nazis waged a secret war across the world's oceans. This documentary uses CGI graphics to drain the oceans and investigate the lost wrecks of the Second World War..

Producer Jan Euden Director: Alex West  Mallinson Sadler


The Sly Persuaders “ Control” Music video

Lit, operated and co-edited this music promo for Massive Capital Video


Director: Stacy Picard MCV


Drain the Oceans, "Ultimate Battleships" Tx National Geographic August 2018 UK

The Battle of Jutland was the most violent sea battle in history, fought in 1916 between the mighty battle fleets of Britain and Germany. After a day of carnage, both sides claimed victory. So who really won? Maritime archaeologists and historians go in search of Jutland's secrets, hidden deep underwater. Scientific data combines with computer graphics to drain the North Sea, investigating the mega battleships of World War One and asks what happened to them once the firing was over.

Producer Jan Euden Director: Alex West  Mallinson Sadler

"Charles at 70", Tx BBC1 2018

An  observational documentary by John Bridcut about the the Prince of Wales on his 70th birthday. My role was the observational work behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace as the Queen opened the Commonwealth Heads of Government conference and Prince William and Harry talking about the Prince of Wales. 

Shared credit with Jonathan Partridge

Producer/Director: John Bridcut,  Crux Pictures  BBC


“Gone to Pot” iTV

A team of celebrities travel the Western United States checking out what its like to have legal marijuana. Additional Photography.


Senior Producer: Cassie Bennitt,  Betty Television

Jonas Kaufmann, Tenor for the Ages Tx BBC4 2017

A feature-length observational documentary by John Bridcut about the greatest tenor of our times, his comeback from illness, and the challenges of singing Verdi’s Otello..

Shared credit with Jonathan Partridge

Producer/Director: John Bridcut,  Crux Pictures  BBC 

“ The Great British Skinny Dip” Cutting Edge  C4 

Can British Naturism sell social nudity to a younger generation by launching a weekend of nude swims over one weekend in September? 

Director: Victoria Silver,  ZZK Television


Elizabeth at 90”  BBC1 

A celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday, featuring cine films and photographs from the private collection of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. Including the shots of the Queen, Prince of Wales, Princess Anne and Princes William and Harry from the cinema sequences at Windsor and Buckingham Palace. Shared credit with Jonathan Partridge


Producer/Director: John Bridcut,  Crux Pictures  BBC


"Leaving Cambridge Again”  A Film Poem

This is a film poem using perhaps the most famous Chinese poem of the 20th century by Xu Zhimo. We use high powered projectors to project the Chinese characters over the night landscapes and buildings of Cambridge.

Later this film was used to open the refurbished chapel at Kings College Cambridge


Director: Dr Frederick Baker Producer Muchun

“Cancer Research UK” commercial  iTV 

CRUK commissioned director Henry Singer to make this commercial for their Christmas campaign 2015


Producer/Director: Henry Singer The Garden

“The Man Who Discovered Capitalism”  

The story of Schumpeter, a virtually unknown German economist from the early 20th Century who’s  “creative destruction” theory has striking parallels with our 21st century web economy. Detlef Siebert reveals the prescient nature of his ideas.


Producer/Director: Detlef Siebert, Plotpoint Productions

"The Return of Harry Lime" St John's College Cambridge

Marking Orson Welles’ centenary, on May 6, 2015, this short film documenting a cinematic experiment that used St John’s famous Bridge of Sighs as its canvas is being released. The film was made by Dr Fred Baker and shows the screening of a unique mapping film celebrating Welles' most famous character, Harry Lime, of "The Third Man" fame.


Producer/Director: Dr Frederick Baker 

“Autopsy”  C5 

I was brought in to light sequences with presenter Dr Jason Payne-James as he examines the real reasons behind the untimely deaths of the famous including Amy Winehouse and Heath Ledger.


Series Producer John Fothergill ,  Potato productions

“Health Check”  BBC World 

A BBC world project produced by Anna Lacey who asked me to work with her as she directed radio presenter Claudia Hammond on her first foray into television.


Series Producer Anna Lacey, BBC London

“The Story of Indie”  BBC4 

I lit many of the key interviews in this BBC series reflecting on the Indie music scene.


Directors: Jim Hale, Ryan Minchen, Telesgop Productions

 “Great Canal Journeys”  C4 

Prunella Scales and Timothy West present this series for which I shot the pre title sequences.


Producer/Director: Mike Taylor, Spun Gold Productions

“International Truth and Justice commission” 

After working on Channel 4’s investigation into the Sri Lanka war crimes with Callum Macrae I was contacted by Frances Harrison to “ make it so their mother can’t recognize them but still look interesting” as we filmed the the testimony of victims of torture still occurring in 2015.


Producer/Director: Frances Harrison

“Karajan’s Magic and Myth”  BBC4 

25 years after his death the controversial Austrian conductor Herbert von Karajan remains an enigma. He was famous not only for his astonishing music but for his glittering off duty moments on the ski slopes, piloting his own jet, sailing his yacht and driving sports cars.  Featuring the testimony of some collaborators Placido Domingo and Jessye Norman


Producer/Director: John Bridcut,  1212 Productions

“Where is Flight MH370? ” Horizon  BBC2 

Horizon tells the inside story of the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.  The film reveals how MH370 disappeared in a radar blind spot; what investigators believe happened to the aircraft in its last minutes; and how the area in which it could be found is still to be searched.


Director: Tristan Quinn, BBC Horizon

“ Working Elephants in Laos” Operation Wild  BBC1

I filmed the section of Programme 1 which follows the plight of a working elephant in the Laos highlands that had a bullet lodged in its foot and the struggle to find and remove it by supervet Will Thomas.


Director: Jeff Wilkinson,  BBC Television

“ The Normans in Pembrokeshire” Walking through History  C4 

Tony Robinson crosses Pembrokeshire finding evidence of the Normans’ “Velvet” conquest of this end of Wales. 


Director: James Buchanan,  Wildfire Television“Requiem”  BBC4 

From plainsong to Penderecki: how music has shaped the Requiem over 500 years.  A film for Remembrance Sunday. I was DOP on the orchestral and choral shoot in Swansea.


Producer/Director: John Bridcut,  Crux Pictures  Bulb Films

“The Frost Interview” Series 2 Al Jazeera English 

Sir David Frost talks to the world, from Buzz Aldrin to Isabel Allende.


Series Producer: Richard Brock AJE 

“The Frost Interview” Series 1  Al Jazeera English 

Sir David Frost talks to the world, from Paul McCartney to Shimon Peres.


Producer Jon Blair, Director: Richard Brock AJE 

“Hayek” Masters of Money (BBC2) BBC2 

BBC Economics Editor Stephanie Flanders walks us through the ideas of 3 giants of the “science” of economics. Marx, Hayek and Keynes.


Producer/Director: Tristan Quinn, BBC Masters of Money

“A Jubilee Tribute to the Queen by the Prince of Wales”  BBC1 

A personal tribute, featuring previously unseen cine films and photographs from the private collection of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. Including the shots of the Prince of Wales from the cinema sequences at Highgrove and Balmoral. Shared credit with Jonathan Partridge


Producer/Director: John Bridcut,  Crux Pictures  BBC

“Ceramics: How they Work” BBC2 (1 of 3)

Professor Mark Miodownik traces the story of ceramics. He looks at how we started with simple clay, sand and rock and changed them into material that would change the world


Producer: Ishbel Hall  BBC Scotland

“Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” C4 

Jon Snow presents a forensic investigation into the final weeks of the quarter-century-long civil war between the government of Sri Lanka and the secessionist rebels, the Tamil Tigers. HDCAM


Producer/Director: Callum Macrae Outsider  ITN

Winner RTS Current Affairs International Award

Programme and its makers nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Nominated for an Emmy Best International documentary

“Rostropovich: The Genius of the Cello” BBC4 

Rostropovich was undoubtedly one of the greatest cello players of all time inspiring many composers including Britten and Shostakovich to write music for him that took the cello to new heights as a solo instrument. That would be enough, one would think but his bravery, harbouring Solzhenitsyn in defiance of the Soviet state, meant he was also an extraordinary political animal. HDCAM


Producer/Director: John Bridcut,  Crux Pictures  ITN

Dagmar and Vaclav Havel Foundation Award at the Golden Prague TV Festival.

“Guilty Pleasures” BBC4 

Our attitude to Luxury and privilege tells us a lot about what we think of ourselves in any society. These two programmes examine ancient Greece and England in the middle ages to see how luxury influenced and effected them. Presented by Michael C Scott. HDCAM


Director: David Wilson,  Tern TV  

“Wootton Bassett: The Town that Remembers”  BBC1

The behind-the-scenes story of the town of Wootton Bassett, whose tributes to fallen soldiers have earned the community the first royal title awarded in over 100 years.I shot 2 days of the runup to “repatriation day” and was one of 9 cameramen shooting on the day itself HDCAM


Director: Henry Singer,  BBC Bristol 

“The Beauty of Books” BBC4 

This series which I shared a credit with Mike Robinson on, looks at the wonder of books. It includes groundbreaking access to the British Library where I filmed the Codex Sinaticus, the oldest edition of the New Testament. HDCAM


Director: Micheal Waterhouse,  Tern TV  

“Oil” Horizon BBC2

April 20 2010, a volcano of oil erupts under the Gulf of Mexico. 87 days later it was finally plugged, but what was the science of that journey and what happened to all that crude?


Director: Tristan Quinn, BBC Horizon

“Delphi: The bellybutton of the ancient world” BBC4 

Delphi is certainly an extraordinary place, with unique landscape, geology and the remains of an architecture that defies belief with its complexity and grandeur. This film presented by Michael C Scott tries to unpick why it was also the Oracle of knowledge for over a thousand years. HDCAM


Director: David Wilson,  Tern TV  

“Elgar: The Man behind the Mask” Tx BBC4  YouTube

Those who see Elgar as only the creator of “Land of Hope and Glory” will be amazed by this study of his work. Includes performances of his work played by the BBC symphony orchestra and an 80 piece choir, never filmed before. HDCAM


Producer/Director: John Bridcut,  Prospect Pictures  

Gold Prize Best Documentary at Prague Film Festival

BAFTA Best Documentary Sound


‘Lost Kingdoms of Africa” Tx BBC4 (2 of 4)

Gus Casely-Hayford rediscovers some of the ancient sophisticated societies of Africa that much of the world has forgotten. EX3 with Letus


Producers: Ishbel Hall , David Wilson, IWC Productions

"History’s Hardest Prisons” Tx NatGeo  Vimeo link

Piers Hernu examines the living hell that was the Debtors prisons that were initiated after the collapse of the “South Sea Bubble” Drama Doc  EX3 with Letus


Producer: David Wilson, Pulse Films 


“Too Fat, Too Young ” Tx C4 YouTube

Gok Wan makes a journey back to his childhood haunts to try an understand the phenomenon of childhood obesity, of which he was a victim. HDCAM


Dir: David Russell, Producer: Dragonfly Productions


‘The Ascent of Money”  C4 YouTube

Historian Niall Ferguson tells the story of money and the rise of global finance. Additional Photography. Shot opening pieces to camera Pr 1. HDCAM


Producer: Adrian Pennink, Chimerica Productions 

Won Emmy “Best Documentary” award 2009


‘Christianity - A History” Distant Shores  C4 YouTube

Kwame Kwei-Armah sets out to discover the historical roots of his own beliefs in Ethiopia, Ghana and Mexico

Dir: David Wilson, Pioneer Productions (HD Varicam)


“Prince Charles' Other Mistress ”  C4 

Lady Dale Tryon was the Australian who married a peer and became the prince's lover. But the affair broke her heart and unhinged her mind.

Dir: Page Shepherd, Producer: Fi Cotter-Craig,  Monkey Factual

“What the President needs to know about Science” Horizon (BBC2)

What does the President need to know about Science?


Director: James Van der Pool, BBC Horizon


‘Secret Millionaire” C4 

David Pearl, property billionaire, tries his hand at voluntary work in Portsmouth hospital. It proves to be quite a sobering experience for him.


Producer: Vivienne Howard, RDF


‘Visions of the Future”  BBC4 YouTube

World renowned string theorist Michio Kaku ponders what our planet and society will look like in 30 years time, when current scientific research comes to its fruition.


PD’s: Ian Macmillan, Helen Shariatmadari, Mina Panic, BBC 


Bible Revolution  C4 Christmas YouTube 

John Wycliff and William Tyndale are not names in the modern consciousness but 500 years ago, they dedicated their lives to translating the Bible into English, an undertaking that put them in mortal danger.


Dir: David Wilson, Pioneer Productions (HD + Digibeta)


“Human v 2.0” Horizon (BBC2)

Is there a convergence between Humans and machines that will be hard to stop?


Director: James Van der Pool, BBC Horizon


A Festival of Jazz Piano  BBC4 

Julian Joseph presents a programme that asks what is the really special role the piano has in Jazz music. Featuring Keith Tippett and Stan Tracey


Dir: Celia Lowenstein BBC Wales Music and Arts (Digibeta)


“Churchill” Lost Worlds   Discovery  YouTube

In WW2 Churchill and his government prepared a network of bunkers around London that allowed them to continue to function under the relentless attack of the Luftwaffe


Dir: George Pagliero Atlantic Productions (HD)


Transplanting Memories C4 YouTube

Is the heart just a pump? Some recipients of transplant seem to exhibit echos of their donors. 

Shortlisted for RTS Network Specialist Factual award


Dir: Jo Scofield Touch Productions (Digibeta)


Me, My Dad and Moorgate C4

Documentary following comedy writer Laurence Marks, who lost his father in the 1975 Moorgate crash, as he unravels the biggest underground train disaster in British history


Producer: Zoe Hassid Target Entertainment C4 (Digibeta)


20th century Battles: Kuwait  BBC1

At 1:00 a.m. on 02 August 1990, three Iraqi divisions of the elite Republican Guard rolled over the border with Kuwait. Resistance was nearly non-existent. Peter and Dan Snow find the real story behind this conflict.


Producer: Dan Kendall BBC1 (Digibeta)


Travels with the Military Autumn PBS (US)

Inside the American Empire with Robert D Kaplan. We follow Robert as he tags along with US special Forces in Mali, Georgia, the Philippines and Columbia where they attempt to win hearts and minds


Producer: Tim Pritchard 3BM PBS


20th Century Battles "Stalingrad" BBC1 

Peter and Dan Snow investigate the tactics and human costs of the battle that was the turning point of WW2


Dir: Dan Kendall, BBC


Jane Goodhall's When Animals Talk  Discovery US 

Jane Goodhall examines instances where animals and humans seem to communicate in a very real way.

Genisis award for Best Documentary Ecology,

Nominated for Wildscreen Best Documentary.


Dir: Jo Scofield Tiger Aspect Bristol


"God's Rottweiler?" C4

The story behind the Pope Benedict XVI Radical or Reactionary?

Producer: Grace Chapman, Blakeway Productions


"Evil" C4

Tom Wright , Bishop of Durham, ponders the nature of Evil and its manifestations in the modern and ancient world ( C4  Easter programme)

Producer: David Wilson, Blakeway Productions David Wilson


"Who Wrote the Bible?"(C4) 2Hrs

Theologist Robert Beckford searches for the real authors of the Bible and wonders what effect its literal interpretation has today in this 2hour Christmas Day special.

Producers: Polly Morland, David Wilson, Diverse Production. David Wilson


Someone to Watch Over Me (BBC1)

Landmark six part series documenting the work of Bristol's Childcare Social Workers

Series Producer: Sarah Johnson, Producer: Jules Faulkner, BBC Bristol


Horizon (BBC2)

This Horizon asks the question are vitamin supplements of benefit to our health?

Director: Dan Kendall, BBC Horizon


Time Watch (BBC2) 

Was The Black Death really caused by Bubonic plague.

Producer:Sam Roberts,BBC


Shadowing the Third Man (BBC2)

An Arena that looks at the background and inspiration for Carol Reed's film "The Third Man", voted Britains finest motion picture. Shot in Hi Def. 

Shortlisted for Grierson Award

1st Overall Prize for Best Documentary Festival di Palazzo Venezia Arte 2006 

Director: Frederick Baker, BBC / ORF/ canal+/NHK


Ancestors - "Stonehenge" (BBC2)Tx 27/03/04

Julian Richards unearths some surprising revelations about our most famous Megalith.

Director: Dan Kendall , BBC


Resurrection (C4)

Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham, takes us on a historical journey to Greece, Israel and back to Durham examining The Resurrection and whether it is literally the only thing that fits the facts

Director: David Wilson, Blakeway Productions


Horizon (BBC2)Tx 04/12/'03

This Horizon chases the long, expensive and so-far futile battle for an HIV vaccine

Director: Adrian Pennink, BBC Horizon


Imagine Imagine (BBC2)

This Arena special examines one of the world's most popular and hallowed songs - John Lennon's "Imagine"

Winner World Gold Medal for feature documentaries at New York Festivals 2005

Director: Frederick Baker, BBC / ORF


Jamie's Kitchen ( C4)

Jamie Oliver takes 15 previously unemployed youngsters and trains them to staff his new restaurant -

Winner Grierson award for the Most Entertaining Documentary

Series Director: Sandi Scott, Talkback Productions


The Death Belt ( BBC2)

British born lawyer Clive Stafford -Smith has won more death row cases than any other lawyer in the world. The Death Belt follows Clive in his battle to save the life of convicted murderer Leslie Dale Martin, in the small town of Lake Charles, Louisiana

Producer: Helen Richards, Shine Ltd


JURASSIC (BBC1 Horizon) 

There is a huge gap in knowledge about the Jurassic Era. Can it be filled by discoveries coming to light in the deserts of Patagonia?

Producer: Jonathan Renouf, BBC Horizon


Topsy Turvy (Discovery Europe) 

A South London Family swap roles - Mother for Daughter, Father for Son

Producer: Helen Richards, Shine Ltd


LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH - Life after Adoption (BBC1)

Two part update to award winning series about adoption which re-visits families 2 years after their children moved in (see below)



LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH - The Journey to Adoption (BBC1)

Landmark six part series documenting the experiences of four families on their journey through the adoption process.

Winner Broadcast Award Best Documentary Series -

Shortlisted RTS Award Best Documentary Series

Series Producer: Sarah Johnson, Producer: Julie Faulkner, BBC Bristol



Three first generation British children are sent back to Jamaica to get the 3R's education that their parents remember from their youth.

Producer: Minoo Bhatia, Reel Life /Flame Productions



Nominated Broadcast Award Best Entertainment Documentary

Director: Rachel Baldwin, BBC



Haringey Environmental Health observational documentary series

Producer: Julian Mercer,BBC

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